Friday, 2 March 2018

Say hello to the committee for this year's CEEC Rebellion!

With just over two weeks until launch, planning is well underway for the 2018 CEEC Rebellion: a super fun and informative two-day meeting to present the research carried out by members of UEA's Centre for Ecology, Evolution & Conservation. This year's meeting, taking place on 19th-20th March, will include a number of talks from current PhD and post-doctoral researchers, as well as plenary talks from internal and external faculty members, and also plenty of tea and biscuits! 

This year's Rebellion is brought to you by the following committee. Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions or requests either by email or in person (we can usually be found in BIO or ENV)!

Jenny Donelan (BIO)

Claire Buchan (ENV)

Sarah Barnsley (BIO)

Claudia Martin (BIO)

Siobhan Hillman (BIO)

Thomas Brown (BIO)

James Bemrose (BIO)

Professor Jenny Gill (BIO)

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