Tuesday, 21 February 2017

CEEC Rebellion logo competition!

At a recent CEEC RDG, it was suggested that the current CEEC logo (see below) looked dated and was in desperate need of an update!
Therefore, for this year's Rebellion we will be holding a competition to redesign the logo, with a fantastic prize for the winner!

The rules for entry are simple:

  • One entry per person
  • The logo should be relevant to CEEC's research remit (ecology/evolution/conservation)
  • The logo should demonstrate CEEC's affiliation to UEA
  • The logo should be able to easily fit on a poster/presentation 

The design doesn’t necessarily have to be the finished product (i.e. we can run with a concept and tweak it) and if you aren’t confident using graphic design software, scanned copies of hand-drawn logos are fine! The logos will be displayed on an automated slideshow during tea breaks throughout the Rebellion before being put to a vote on the second day. The winner will then be announced along with the best student talk at the end of the RebellionThe competition is open to all members of CEEC and designs should be emailed to Ryan (ryan.brock@uea.ac.uk) prior to the Rebellion.

We look forward to seeing your designs!