Thursday, 19 January 2012

CEEC Rebellion 2012 - Plenary Speakers

We are very happy to confirm this year's guest speakers:

Dr Sara Goodacre (University of Nottingham)
Evolutionary, population and conservation genetics of spiders.

Prof. Tim Guilford (University of Oxford)
Behavioural and ecological aspects of animal navigation and spatial cognition.

Plenary sessions will also be presented by our very own:

Prof. Matt Gage (UEA)
Functional and adaptive significance of reproductive strategies and mechanisms.

Dr Simon Butler (UEA)
Land-use change, resource availability and population dynamics.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

CEEC Rebellion 2012 - watch this space

The 12th annual CEEC Rebellion Conference is on its way: 1 - 2 March 2012

Meet this year's Rebel Organising Committee:

Karl Phillips
UEA PhD student, in collaboration with Cousine Island, Seychelles. Supervised by Dr David Richardson (UEA).
Mating patterns and genetic diversity in Hawksbill turtles. 

Becky Laidlaw
UEA PhD student. Supervised by Dr Jenny Gill (UEA) and Jen Smart (RSPB).
Intra-guild relationships among predators of breeding waders.

Amy Romans
NERC funded PhD student. Supervised by Dr Richard Davies (UEA).
Large-scale functional diversity of avian communties.

Alicia Mastretta-Yanes
CONACYT funded PhD student. Supervised by Dr Brent Emerson and and Dr Tove Jorgensen (UEA).
Phylogeographic assessment of temperate forest history in Mexico.

Catalina Gonzalez Quevedo
Colciencias funded PhD student. Supervised by Dr Dave Richardson (UEA).
Evolution of MHC genes in island birds.

Ricardo Correia
Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology PhD student. Supervised by Dr Aldina Franco (UEA) and Dr Jorge M. Palmeirim (University of Lisbon).
Climate change effects on land use and bird communities of Iberian Peninsula extensive agricultural systems: a conservation approach.

Christiana Faria
Brazilian government funded PhD student. Supervised by Dr Brent Emerson (UEA).
Adaptation and diversification in beetles: looking within species on islands to connect pattern and process.

Christina Ieronymidou
UEA and A.G. Leventis Foundation PhD student. Supervised by Dr Paul Dolman (UEA) and Dr Nigel Collar (Birdlife International).
The effects of land-use change on the farmland birds of Cyprus.

Dr Jenny Gill
Reader, School of Biological Sciences, UEA.