Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rebellion Success!

The 11th Annual CEEC Rebellion was a great success!

Rebels engaging in science talk
The very high standard of talks and the lively social events made this year's Rebellion a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable event. Our guest speakers, Prof. Tim Birkhead and Prof. Nigel Collar, gave inspiring presentations, and our internal plenary speakers Prof. Tracey Chapman and Dr Jenny Gill, along with the PhD students and post-docs who gave talks, showcased current CEEC research. The result was a stimulating conference, served with the usual vibrant CEEC atmosphere.

The ecologists and evolutionary biologists of UEA were brought closer together, new connections were forged, and much fun was had by all!

Prof. Andrew Bourke (left) leading Question Time. The Panel from left to right: Prof. Nigel Collar, Prof. Tracey Chapman, Dr Jenny Gill and Dr Brent Emerson
The 2011 Rebellion Organising Committee and our guest plenary speakers: Prof. Tim Birkhead (far left) and Prof. Nigel Collar (far right).

More photos here.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spotlight on your 2011 Rebel Organising Committee

Sian Diamond - Rebel for Drinks, Friday Night Social and Quiz
NERC PhD student. Supervised by Dr Matt Gage (UEA).
Hybridization dynamics between salmon and trout.

Eveliina Kallioniemi - Rebel for Drinks and Budget
UEA PhD student. Supervised by Dr Aldina Franco (UEA).
The role of dispersal on species ability to track climate change.

Christina Ieronymidou - Rebel for Posters, Tea-time and Blog
UEA and A.G. Leventis Foundation PhD student. Supervised by Dr Paul Dolman (UEA) and Dr Nigel Collar (Birdlife International).
The effects of land-use change on the farmland birds of Cyprus.

Vero Mendez - Rebel for Budget, Tea-time and Wine glasses
CASE PhD student, in collaboration with the BTO. Supervised by Dr Richard Davies (UEA).
Patterns of functional diversity and community structure of wading birds across UK estuaries.

Karl Phillips - Rebel for Tea & Biscuits and Friday Night Quiz.
UEA PhD student,in collaboration with Cousine Island, Seychelles. Supervised by Dr David Richardson (UEA).
Mating patterns and genetic diversity in Hawksbill turtles. 

Freydis Vigfusdottir - Rebel for Programme and Coordination
Icelandic Research Council and UEA PhD student. Supervised by Dr Jenny Gill (UEA), Tómas Gunnarsson (University of Iceland) and Gudmundur Gudmundsson (Icelandic Institute of Natural History).
Population limitation in arctic seabirds.

Dave Wright - Rebel for Posters and Tea & Biscuits
NERC CASE PhD Student. Supervised by Dr David Richardson (UEA) and Dr Nigel Collar (Birdlife International).
Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics in the Seychelles Warbler: MHC Diversity.

Dr Jenny Gill - All-round Rebel
Reader, School of Biological Sciences, UEA.

Honourary Rebel for Poster and Programme Design:
James Kitson
NERC PhD student. Supervised by Dr Brent Emerson (UEA).
Speciation and diversification of Coleoptera in the south west Indian Ocean area.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 Rebel Speakers

Plenary Speakers



Student and Post-Doc Speakers
In order of appearance:
  • Veronica Mendez
  • Lewis Spurgin
  • Freydis Vigfusdottir
  • Lotty Packman
  • Katy Owen
  • Kristin Waeber
  • Sandhya Sukumaran
  • Edd Almond
  • Joe Hawes
  • James Kitson
  • Christina Ieronymidou
  • Roger Dolorosa
  • Emma Barrett

See the 2011 Programme for more details.

Announcing the 11th Annual CEEC Rebellion at UEA